Monday, April 27, 2015


I am often asked how I really know what animals are saying and/or doing.   Most of the credit goes to my wonderful spirit and healing guides.  Over the years, I have learned to interpret the images, words and feelings that they send to me through my connection with the animals and I have learned to quiet my mind and clear my vision to receive their gift.

I also receive help from other animals - I call them my Facilitators.  I reach out to them when I encounter an animal who is shy or has trust issues.  They are very helpful when I get stuck.          And sometimes, help comes when I least expect it.

I had a client that was an avid bird hunter and had a wonderful working bird dog I will call Baxter.  I helped Baxter in his later years as he dealt with a life threatening disease.  During that time, my client got another puppy and trained him with Baxter.  After Baxter passed, his new dog was supposedly trained and ready to take over. 

Late one afternoon, I received a frantic call from my client.  His new dog was doing everything expected of him except he would not retrieve the bird.  He went to get it, but would then drop and leave it.  Would I talk to him and make him understand that he was to bring it back?    Let us be very clear - what I know about bird hunting would not impress anyone, but I said that I would try. 

During my session with his dog, I was getting nowhere.  For some reason, he did not understand the concept of ‘bring the bird back’ by my just telling him.  That’s when Baxter’s spirit ‘stepped’ in and told me that he would take over.  And that he did.  When he finished, I thanked him…I thanked the new dog…. and ended our session.

Two days later, my client returned from a hunt and called to thank me so very much for getting through to his dog.  He worked to perfection!  I told him what had happened and that he could thank Baxter….he’s the one that did it all! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015



When you research spirit animals, you usually see photos of wild animals, dream catchers and Native American symbols.  But what about spirit animals that become pets?

I have had the privilege of talking to spirit animals in the form of dogs, cats and horses.  These wonderful beings are the ultimate teachers and they usually come into our lives over and over again.

Do you have one?  Did your animal companion seem familiar from the very beginning?  Does he/she remind you of an animal that has passed?   Just like the connection that we have with certain people in our lives, we also have a connection with certain animals to help us on our life’s journey.  Spirit animals come into your life completely at home and attached to you emotionally.  That is why the bond is so strong…..and when the time comes, that is why it is so very hard to say goodbye.

I am often asked why some animals leave this life with so much apparent pain and hardship while others cross peacefully and at ease.  It depends on the lessons we need to learn.

Did you have to make the decision to let your companion go because of his/her diminished quality of life?  Please know that I have never met an animal in spirit that did not appreciate this gift.  And if the passing was peaceful, you could feel some peace yourself which ultimately helps you get through your pain.

But what if the passing was not peaceful?  What if it was hard?  My Guides tell me that it was because that animal was a spirit animal and when that time came, the spirit left the mortal body early.   It is one final lesson for you…..that there is no such thing as death - that we are all spirit.

There is good news here….your beloved companion will be back.